All products supplied by IMPRIMO DIGITAL PRINTERS SL, are industrial products and have a 1 year warranty both in parts, as in labor, in our facilities. With the exception of EPSON products, which EPSON guarantees its products for 2 years (see EPSON guarantees on epson.com).

All defective parts will be replaced or repaired at the facilities of IMPRIMO DIGITAL PRINTERS SL, in Elche, within a maximum period of 30 business days.

The cost of sending the parts under warranty will be borne by the customer: either by our transport agencies, or by the agency sent by the customer, always paid shipping. Misuse, or improper use of machinery or consumables, will invalidate the warranty.

Any use made outside the conditions necessary for the correct operation of the machines indicated in the user manual of each of them, will invalidate the warranty.

The use of machinery outside the proper temperature and humidity will invalidate the IMPRIMO limited warranty.

The use of components not authorized by IMPRIMO, such as filters, inks, parts, electrical parts, wiring, and modifications, will void the warranty.

IMPRIMO will not be responsible for external or third party repairs performed without authorization. Displacements for technical assistance are not covered by the warranty, as are parts that are consumable and / or fungible.

IMPRIMO is not responsible for damages caused by the defect or failure of the machinery supplied.

Terms and guarantees IMPRIMO DIGITAL PRINTERS SL 2020®.